Vision and Mission


Our Mission

To build successful businesses and customers by improving the manageability,availability and performance of information and Communication Systems through rapid delivery of innovative solutions to real customer problems and out of the scope of the ordinary.In delivering to our clients the perfect blend of form and function,our attention to detail ensures the success of every client management.

We have a mission of being the best Web Development,hosting,IT Solutions and graphic design company for small, medium and large sized businesses providing high quality services at affordable prices with unparalleled customer satisfaction and support. We design creative and intelligent solutions for businesses that want to have definite presence on the internet and on print.

Whether its a creche,nursery,primary secondary school,or university we have creative online solutions for children and parents to use in their registration.For Businesses,we provide creative and intelligent business solutions that keep you ahead of the competition.For Government agencies,we ensure e-governance reaches the people through our online solutions.Churches,evangelists,online wedding invitation,NGO\'s the list goes on and on,CDT definitely has something for you.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide cutting edge solutions to real-time business problems across verticals in the US and the rest of the world by bringing the next phase of technology to their door steps.

We long to share our fascination for what the future holds,and in the process raise the consciousness of our clients.

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