Our Biometric Data Capture have proven to be an especially useful factor in identity management exercises. Reasons for embarking on biometric data capture exercises vary from one exercise to another, as do the exercises themselves.

Our planning and execution of biometric data capture services for clients across Nigeria, ranges from state governments wishing to eliminate ghost workers and improving the overall welfare of legitimate workers to tertiary institutions of learning wishing to go tough on examination fraud and even manufacturing industries wishing to keep close tabs on their blue collar workers.

Utilizing our application, CDTWeb.net addresses the general and unique needs of the client, in conjunction with all stakeholders:

    Designs bio-data forms.
    Produces and distributes bio-data forms (where necessary).
    Supports awareness efforts.
    Designs a timetable for the biometric capture, working with the human resource personnel, administrator or guiding authority of the organization.

And then collect all agreed data in a properly streamlined and tested process.

After data collection,CDTweb can:

    Perform biometric de-duplication service, in which all the data is checked to detect any duplicate registrations.
    Generate a wide variety of reports and analytics based on data collected.
    Produce ID cards for registered persons. These could be personalized chip cards or payment cards in conjunction with a payment services provider.

Our processes are designed to minimize inconvenience to individuals being registered and any disruptions to their regular activities. A typical biometric data capture takes about 3 minutes per individual.

CDTWeb.net helps clients derive true value from the exercise by helping them get maximum value from the data collected during the exercise.

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