Our Real Estate Sales Portal is a web-based solution for sale of units which may include serviced plots, homes and commercial units such as offices and shops. Being a web-based application it can be accessed from any part of the world through the use of the internet. The Real Estate Sales Portal provides a complete end to end solution for the sale of real estate, allowing buyers to set up payment plans, manage their accounts, make online payments etc. It is highly user friendly which is tailored along uniqueness of the buyers' place of residence for those making purchases outside country where project is located.

The Real Estate Sales Portal provides an extremely robust administrative back end allowing your staff to record sales, update payment, verify payment claims, reconcile payments, allocate units, view dashboard of sales activities etc. It automatically generates payment reminders via SMS and email, monitor subscriptions etc. It generates graphical reports in various formats including Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word and Excel.

The Real Estate Sales Portal is highly customizable to suit your unique sales process and environment giving considerations to local and international financial institutions and payment companies associated with the project. The Real Estate Sales Portal was designed by a team of experts from various endeavors' including Banking, Information Technology, Real Estate, Consulting, Business Development and People Management.

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