Our Recruitment Management Portal is a web-based solution for running end to end recruitment exercise. Being a web-based solution it can be accessed from all around the world via the internet. It is designed to assume the look and feel of your current website, that way users do not feel they are leaving your website to an external portal. It is a highly secured portal based application with IP restriction capabilities making it possible to deny access to it for requests coming in from particular locations or grant access to only particular locations, this function is necessary mainly for the administrative modules. The portal comes with unlimited resume submission meaning as many candidates as possible can submit their resume and apply through the portal. The Portal consists mainly of four main modules namely, Applicant, Administrative, Referral and External Agency Modules.

The Applicant module comes with email verification sign up system, detailed user friendly forms and ability to save and continue later. The module also allows for future update as the applicant gets more qualifications. Applicants can also apply for published vacancies and also view the status of the application as they progress.

The Administrative module allows your Human Resource Manager to set up various parameters at inception e.g. Page Titles, Drop-down Menu Options like Marital Status (Single, Married, Separated etc). It also has various intelligent functions such as search, filters, status update, and a robust reporting tool. The module also allows for creation and management of vacancies.

The Referral module allows for staff of your organization to refer particular candidates for existing vacancies. A staff indicates email addresses of candidates he/she wishes to refer and the system automatically sends invitations for the candidates to complete the application.

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