Application Development for Corporate Organizations and Institutions

ComCentury has designed and developed various custom web applications based on clients-side and/or server-side scripting languages for real estate, employment, airlines, insurance and web portal industries.

Some of the backend systems we have designed include:


  • NGO Websites for Online Recognition of Foreign and Local Donors
  • Websites of Churches-tools for Online Evangelization
  • School Portals for Student Online Registration using Scratch Cards and checking of results
  • Government Agency Websites for e-governance and public enlightenment
  • Websites of small,medium and large scale business for Online Sales and Online Inquiries
  • Personalized Websites for Family,individuals(online wedding invitations,models,musicians,actors etc)
  • Intranet Development for Companies
  • Database Management
  • Classifieds Ad System
  • Online ordering and Shopping carts
  • Chat Modules/Blogs
  • Emailing programs
  • Ecommerce Websites
  • Financial Calculators
  • Virtual Airlines System
  • Customer Support and Management System


If you want to automate certain features on your web site, please send us an email.


We have the expertise in the area of developing an enterprise intranet aplication and implementing an ecommerce storefront.ComCentury offers application development solutions to fit your budgeting requirements.Our Services include off-the-shelf applications,browser-based,database-driven application development and administration.Our experienced programmers have designed and developed successful applications for a variety of markets and businesses of all sizes.


Web Based applications,intranet applications,standalone application,OS Specific applications are our natural habitats of technology with the use of the state-of-the art technologies;JAVA,PHP,C+,C#,.NET and GTK.


Outsourcing web development to Us.


We have found that companies especially in the United States and United Kingdom have found it economically beneficial to outsource web development to ComCentury Designs.


We extend special pricing to companies that outsource to us. Bulk projects carry additional discounts. We promise that you'll find our prices the best in the industry with highest quality work.

What kind of projects can you outsource to ComCentury?
We have successfully completed virtually all kinds of web related projects for offshore companies.

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